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Helping to fix a broken criminal justice system

Te Matakahi advocates for reform where it is needed to improve the criminal justice system. A criminal justice system must be, before all things, truly fair for those accused. We harness the unique experiences and perspectives of our members to identify and encourage necessary criminal justice reform.

Current issues include:

• Systemic racism

• Over-incarceration

• Reduced access to justice

• Unfair trial practises

• Excessive and unconstitutional exercise of power by state agents 


By our members and for our members

Te Matakahi is committed to a strong unified criminal defence bar.

Criminal defence lawyers are integral to a functioning democratic society and to a robust and fair criminal justice system. They work to protect fundamental rights for all New Zealander’s, and ensure compliance with the rule of law.

Te Matakahi advocates for criminal defence lawyers nationwide and on the issues faced by those in the criminal justice system. Criminal defence lawyers have a unique insight into issues of significant constitutional importance. Te Matakahi is committed to strengthening and supporting its members at the criminal defence bar and shining a light on important matters.